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As I have had great mentors and teachers who shaped me personally and professionally throughout my life, I see teaching as both a great privilege and an important responsibility. I believe that an individual student has inner resources and infinite potential to achieve personal and professional growth. Thus, I see myself as a facilitator of students’ learning. I believe that my role is to guide students in achieving success in the business world by helping them develop the skills to think critically and communicate effectively.

I blend academic materials with relevant real-world examples that I gained from my diverse background in the private sector such as HR consultancy and a law firm. I introduce students to established theories and concepts and then link those concepts to real-world contexts using discussions of articles, video clips, and case studies.

My teaching scores (6.6/7.0) and narrative comments reflect that my students have witnessed my enjoyment of teaching. I hope to build on this experience by teaching other core management courses (e.g., Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Introduction to Management, Managing a Diverse Workforce) both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Instructor at Rider University

MGT 320 – Managing Workforce Diversity

Spring 2023

MGT 201 – Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior

Fall 2022, Spring 2023

Instructor at Penn State

MGMT 325 – Organizational Behavior and Design

Spring 2019, Fall 2019

Guest Lecturer at Yonsei University

Successful Career Planning (2014)

Teaching Assistant at Yonsei University

Introduction to Korean Culture and Commerce (2015)

Selected Comments:

“She is a very open and kind person and gives a feel of inclusion.”

“There were many things that positively contributed to my learning experience in this class. The lecture slides were very informative and engaging, oftentimes including numerous additional video examples or photos that correlated to the content. I have nothing but great words to say about this professor. Each day you can see her dedication and passion to be in the classroom and give us the best learning experience possible. Each gesture of this professor is so kind and thoughtful, something not so typical in the Business School. I took this course to fulfill a requirement for my two-piece, so I am surprised by how engaged and interested I was with the course material. I understand that my success in the class is entirely due to the enthusiasm and effectiveness of Professor Min Young Yoon.”

“Professor Yoon is very enthusiastic in class and is very good at stimulating discussion and engaging students. She is clearly invested in her students and is easy to reach with questions. She is also very receptive to feedback and even criticism, which helps her to make changes that improve the course as the semester progresses.”

“Min Young was absolutely fantastic. She was enthusiastic for every class, communicated well, and was always honest with the students.”

“The professor was very kind and passionate about the course. She truly did her best and had amazing presentations and activities for her students to do. Great job and I really enjoyed the course!”